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Don’t let sport-related soreness and stiff muscles hold you back. Boost your performance and speed up recovery time with the Zcannsport Body Cream. This luxury pain cream provides targeted relief with soothing skin benefits. Massage a generous pump of CBD lotion onto sore joints or tired, aching muscles.

CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve skin texture, and lessen pain. Zcannsport balances the endocannabinoid system and promotes healing at the source. Now, you can spend more time training and doing what you love with less soreness. Plus, the moisture-rich formula of nut oils, Hydrovance®, and allantoin will soften and revitalize your skin.

Apply Zcannsport as a pre-workout cream along with stretching to set yourself up for success. After exercising, Zcannsport helps to calm inflamed muscles and soreness around the body with targeted, topical relief. Treat yourself to a gentle massage and the relaxing, light scent of Zcannsport on rest days, too!

  • 500mg Colorado hemp CBD
  • Anti-inflammatory with deep hydration
  • Temporary relief for sport soreness and pain
  • Silky, fast-absorbing cream formula
  • THC-free and third-party lab-tested
  • Made in the USA


1 review for Zcannsport Cream

  1. Jess

    I usually get severe knee pain when hiking rocky areas, especially when going downhill for extended periods of time, which used to involve lots of ibuprofen and ice for days afterwards. After discovering Zcannsport my recovery time is close to none. Soreness and swelling in knees is gone overnight at the longest without any ibuprofen and ice.

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