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Here’s what you need to know about the overlooked herbal extracts of the hemp plant

There are hundreds of safe and healthy cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp plant with numerous wellness benefits

Cannabis is known for the psychoactive cannabinol, THC, and its mind altering and potentially addictive effects. But did you know that THC is just 1 out of more than hundreds of other natural chemical compounds found in the hemp plant? Each of these remaining cannabinoids have their unique wellness and health benefits and none of the effects associated with THC. The most promising of these cannabinoids is CBD.

Cannabinoids are part of the human body’s natural function

The reason we are affected by cannabinoids is because our bodies is already naturally equipped with a well-developed endocannabinoid system. Your vertebrate central nervous system, including your brain, is literally covered with cannabinoid receptors, that allows certain cannabinoids to take part in numerous of your brain and body’s functions. So far the endocannabinoid system has been linked to memory, immune system, stress response, sleep appetite, energy balance, metabolism, and female reproduction. Cannabidiol extract (CBD) has already shown connections to positive effects on multiple of these functions, but more research is needed to establish all the possible benefits the cannabinoid seems to have.

A natural alternative for beauty, health and wellness products

More and more people are getting aware of the harmful side effects of chemical additives in beauty, health and even wellness products. So an herbal extract like CBD seems like the perfect natural alternative. It just raises the question of how to get all the positive natural benefits of CBD without the potentially harmful effects of THC. — How can you be sure that the CBD products you buy are 100% THC-free?

Hemp plants sourced directly from the farm

At Zcann® Organics, we go to great lengths to secure the safety of our CBD hemp formulations. Starting by sourcing pure CBD hemp isolate directly from farms in the USA. Known for their ethical practices, sustainable and organic farming and dedication to full transparency, we know exactly what goes into growing every hemp plant used in our products. The hemp plants grown here are bred to contain naturally high levels of CBD with a THC content well below the legal limit of <0.3%. The amount of THC found in these breeds of hemp is too low to give any psychoactive effect, but even this tiny amount is removed before our products hit the shelves.

About Zcann® Organics

We offer a range of CBD-based beauty, health and wellness products, developed by a collaborative group of scientists, pharmacists, and chemists at H. Cubed Organics. It took us years of research and R&D before our CBD isolate formulations went into production. During this time our products went through constant test trials to ensure their safety and effectiveness, including being thoroughly tested by at least one independent 3rd party before offered to our customers. All our products are produced in GMP facilities here in the USA and based on Organic, Non-GMO, Paraben Free, Animal Cruelty Free and Vegan ingredients to insure the highest quality possible.

To find our full range of beauty, health and wellness CBD products, supporting your body’s natural functions without chemicals or additives, visit our web shop.