Taking CBD sublingually (under your tongue) is the most recommended dosing delivery method, but oil drops are messy! Zcanntab is an innovative solution that transmits the pure, potent benefits of hemp isolate directly into your system. Every Zcanntab sublingual tablet is perfectly measured and dosed with 5mg of pure CBD. Simply pop out a tablet from the sealed, hygienic blister pack, place it under your tongue, and feel it absorb in seconds.

Zcanntab is a proprietary product with the highest bioavailability on the market. Unlike diluted oil drops that are hard to hold under your tongue and difficult to measure accurately, the hemp tablet is discreet, small, and pre-measured. Swallowed pills and capsules lose potency in your digestive system, but Zcanntab dissolves sublingually for direct absorption and faster benefits.

Most hemp CBD users enjoy full-body benefits, like less pain or anxiety, a more balanced mood, and a more restful sleep cycle. CBD has been shown in numerous studies to reduce inflammation, which can help with a wide range of health issues. Like all Zcann products, these sublingual hemp tablets are 100% THC free and made with Colorado-grown hemp, so you can enjoy the CBD benefits with absolutely no psychoactive side-effects.

Product Features:

  • 5mg Colorado hemp CBD per tablet
  • Maximum bioavailability
  • Non-GMO, pure hemp isolate
  • Quick-dissolving sublingual tablet
  • THC-free and third-party lab-tested

30 count box – 129.99

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Recently, I have struggled to enjoy a full night’s sleep. I would find myself awake several times throughout the night. My knowledge as a pharmacist had me reluctant to try traditional medication options. I couldn’t afford to feel groggy the next morning. After some research, I discovered Zcanntab. Immediately, my sleep problems improved. I now enjoy a deep full night’s sleep. I awake feeling refreshed and well rested. Best of all there’s no residual drowsiness. The sublingual tablet dissolves quickly and tastes pleasant. I would strongly recommend this product.


I have been suffering from shoulder pain for months and find it difficult to sleep with the nagging pain. I began taking Zcanntab before bed and find that my soreness no longer keeps me awake. I am feeling relief daily and while I sleep.


Tension headaches have been haunting me for most of my business life. I have used the regular over-the-counter remedies for years with inconsistent success. Recently, I have been using Zcanntab daily and have found that the headaches have stayed away. Glad to have found relief!