You’re already probably aware of the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol or CBD. One of the compounds found in the cannabis plant, it doesn’t give users the psychoactive high associated with tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. In the US, you can now find a wide variety of CBD products such as CBD pills, oils, creams—the sheer amount and variety can be confusing. So, how is someone supposed to know which CBD product delivers the best effects to one’s overall wellness?

The Farm Act of 2014 revolutionized the CBD market, as it finally permitted legal cultivation of industrial hemp under specific circumstances. Because of the Act, growers could now cultivate and manufacture CBD hemp extracts from a type of the cannabis sativa L plant, therefore classifying specific CBD products such as CBD pills and tinctures as food supplements that can be bought and sold throughout the United States.

CBD is typically available in oil form, but now CBD pills are becoming more popular among manufacturers and consumers alike. The most obvious difference between CBD oil and CBD pills is the method of consumption. While those who use oil place it under their tongue or add it to food or drink, you can simply pop one in your mouth. Also, some dislike the taste of CBD oil and prefer to take their CBD quickly and mess-free. Aside from being more convenient to manufacture and digest than their oil counterpart, CBD pills deliver all the wellness benefits of CBD and more.

CBD pills are the easy, mess-free way to take cannabidiol. Manufacturers developed this product so that consumers can take them as they would any other pill or capsule. These pills usually contain pure hemp isolate, which is extremely pure and only a small amount is required to obtain the sufficient dosage. This is why it is mixed with other ingredients to improve the formulation of the pills.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of CBD pills, they also don’t require consumers to take any measurements using droppers or other methods. At the Zcann shop you can get the Zcanntab 30-count box with 5 mg CBD and what you see is what you get. It’s easy to increase or decrease your dosage, there is absolutely no second-guessing, and there’s no risk of spills or consuming more CBD than you need.

Planning and scheduling your CBD dosage is also easier with pills compared to other methods. When you’ve decided on the frequency and amount of CBD you want to take in a day, week, or month, you can easily plan how many CBD pills you need. For added savings and greater convenience, you can check out our shop and take a look at our Special Offers. You can subscribe to our CBD pills and get awesome savings for our three-, six-, and 12-month supply offers. Basically, the longer you subscribe with us, the bigger savings you get!

Finally, CBD pills are the ideal solution for those who have busy lifestyles or enjoy traveling, and are looking for a convenient solution for taking their CBD. You can take Zcanntab pills wherever and whenever you want to go. You can stash them in your purse, gym locker, or keep it in your desk at work or in the medicine cabinet at home. And because CBD is derived from industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC, it is legal in 50 US States, and it is also legal in several countries around the world, meaning you can take your CBD pills when traveling.

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