Zcanntab sublingual CBD tablets have refined CBD delivery. Find out below why sublingual tablets are better than oils and orals pills.

Whether you’re new to CBD or you’re looking for other forms to take it to achieve maximum effect, sublingual CBD tablets might be right up your alley. Here are four reasons to choose these tablets over oils and regular oral pills:

1. Easier to take

Compared to oils, sublingual CBD tablets are easier to take for two main reasons. First, when you apply the oil under your tongue, some of it might spill on the table or other surface, which means wasted drops. Secondly, you’ll have to remember the number of drops according to instructions and make sure that each one goes directly under the tongue. In the middle of dropping the oil under your tongue, you could get distracted and forget your count. Did you drop the right amount? Should you drop more? It will be hard to keep track of the drops every time. With a sublingual CBD tablet like Zcannta, you won’t have these kinds of issues. Pop it under the tongue and simply wait for the effects.

2. You get CBD in ‘purer’ form

Another reason why sublingual CBD tablets are the better choice over oils is that you get to maintain the ‘integrity’ of the CBD throughout its life cycle. With oils, the droppers might get contaminated with dirt or other foreign materials which means the quality of the CBD may be compromised, both when the CBD oil passes through the dropper and when the dropper sits inside the bottle (in which case, the entire bottle has already been compromised).

3. Absorb a higher concentration of CBD

Comparing sublingual CBD tablets and regular oral CBD pills, you get a higher concentration of CBD from the sublingual pills because with oral pills, whether a regular medical pill or a CBD tablet, before it reaches the bloodstream, it will have to pass through the metabolic and digestive systems. And during this process, the concentration of the medication or CBD diminishes. By the time it reaches your bloodstream, the concentration will have been reduced by a significant percentage. The average bioavailability of oral pills is 20% while for sublingual CBD tablets, it is 35%.

4. Faster effect

Last but not the least is the time it takes for the CBD’s effects to kick in. With a sublingual CBD tablet, the effects are almost instant because absorption is direct, meaning it won’t have to pass through the metabolic and digestive systems. The capillaries under the tongue absorb and diffuse the CBD, which means it reaches the bloodstream a lot sooner than oral pills.

If you’re looking for a sublingual CBD tablet that offers maximum bioavailability and provides all the benefits of industrial hemp without the psychotropic effects found in THC, Zcanntab is what we recommend. For questions or inquiries about Zcanntab sublingual CBD tablet, please feel free to send us an email at info@zcann.net. You may also check our FAQ page to learn more about the product.